Our films are stateless. We do not deal in nationalities; we deal with human beings, often with people who are stranded, who themselves do not feel at home; or the influence of history to common everyday life.

We believe fiction is important because in order to understand ourselves we must be able to imagine. We live in a society where the poor are relegated either to reportage and documentary, or to miscellaneous facts on television. It is a way of putting them at a distance, to put the reality to which they refer to us at a distance. Fiction meets, regarding the helpless, a requirement of greater truth. It can penetrate into grey areas. In engaging in this long experimental process, our endeavour is to give everyone an opportunity to rethink their own history, and to take as much possession of it as possible

We want to promote the status on cinema as an art among other arts, and especially as a form of art that can touch a large amount of people regardless of their social class.

In opposition to an emerging global aesthetic of commercial professionalism, only independent films that remain committed to the depiction of local culture can provide some cultural diversity.

PALO PRODUCTIONS is an independent film company created by Anu Pennanen and Stéphane Querrec in 2011. It aims at looking in-depth at the human costs of capitalism in Europe today. The Finnish word PALO means fire or burning spirit.