Artor Jesus Inkerö (born in Finland, based in Amsterdam) 

So far most of Inkerö’s works has been about using their body as a material. They have gone under several transformations to bring forth a critique of gender and masculinity  in the West.  In 2015 Inkerö started a holistic body-project, during which they transform their appearance through bodybuilding, behavioural therapy, dress, diet etc… Such auto-ethnographic process of transformation through the appropriation of masculine-coded attributes is interesting in relation to the links between masculinity and nationalism: in order to be a exemplary citizen one has to meet a specific physical criteria, resembling Greek sculptures. Deviations in ethnicity, gender or sexuality would throw a shadow on the conception of good citizenship.

Inkerö’s work has been shown at Kiasma Museum Helsinki, EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo, Kunshalle Kohta  Helsinki and other Finnish museums and also internationally, notably at the New Museum in New York, Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, SALTS in Basel Switzerland and Beursschouwburg Brussels. Upcoming shows: Center For Contemporary Photography, Melbourne 2020, Finnish Cultural Institute in London, and International Urban Art Exchange, Wellington, among others.

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