I see so much when I’m dying by varialambo

Research multimedia project, 2020-21

Produced by Palo Productions

Status: in development


A work that uses humourous material choices and comic strategies commonly associated with performance art, prop comedy, experimental theatre, to examine power relationships, traumatic fragmentation and Self understanding. Comprised of short scenes, the video incorporates funny and sometimes unsettling images of the artist’s fragmented body delivering a series of absurdist songs about secondary trauma, cycling through rapid-fire changes in persona, with in the background a troubled landscape of lights and shadows revealing kaleidoscopic perspectives.The installation part sets a strange environnement of a poorly repaired broken glass forest, stitched together with wood, coton and silk, whispering sounds like a group of elephants mourning for their dead young. With I see so much when I’m dying  the duo builds a mise-en-scène that both explores the mechanism of physical and psychological dissociation and channels the powers of humour to recognize the different fractures of personality not as a wound, but as a badge of survival and self understanding. This is what Varia and Lambo call a “decolonizing method”: a non pathologising form of art that avoids the trap of repetition, of sentimentality, of re-traumatizationand, and to creates possibilities for healing by making viewers laugh. The work will be presented at Vantaa Art Museum Artsi in 2021, marking varialambo’s first foray into video-installation, and the first time the duo’s work is shown in a museum in Finland.