Stéphane Querrec

Stéphane Querrec is the co-founding director of Palo Productions in Helsinki. He is an artist, a writer and a cultural entrepreneur.

At Palo, Querrec develops & promotes Finnish visual artists that stimulate reflection and discussion, in order to present new ways of understanding society and its problems. Palo Productions has been supported by the Finnish Film Foundation SES, AVEK and the Kone Foundation, among others.  By partnering strategically with international institutions, Querrec expands capacities and reaches different audiences.

Querrec started producing documentary shorts in 2006: “Black Flower”, about forgotten actors of the Velvet Revolution in Slovakia, with support of French producer Caroline Bourgeois. The film was distributed at the MK2 Francois Mitterrand in Paris and selected for the Altadis Prize. He went on making “Si se puede!”, about anti-corruption participatory budgeting processes in villages of Ecuador and Colombia. The project was commissioned by UN Habitat/CIGU the International Centre for Urban Management in Quito.

Between 2007 and 2010 Querrec wrote, made and self-produced several works for the camera or the stage performance. These works were shown at the Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht, the Bonner Kunstverein, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, the FRAC Pays de la Loire, Basis Francfort, Casino Royale Genk or MuMok-Tanzquartier Vienna. In 2014, Querrec was the international guest artist at the Spacialija Copula festival in Rijeka. In 2016, he was commissioned to create a public digital artwork for Place des Arts Montréal, Canada. His poetry book And ordinary sorrow is published by New Laconic press (USA).

In parallel to his activities at Palo, Querrec has from 2012 to 2019 valued service to others. Missioned by the French Ministries of Culture, Education and Health, Querrec has engaged with poor communities in France in long-time collaborative art projects. Most recent produced project is the radio-narrative «The Journey Backwards », made in collaboration with 15 cities in North France, broadcasted on Potsdam FM in Germany and officially selected at 5th UK Radio Drama Festival 2019.

PALO PRODUCTIONS is a structure dedicated to producing and promoting ambitious art projects, and reaching new audiences through contemporary art. It is operated by Stéphane Querrec. The Finnish word PALO means fire or burning spirit.