Anu Pennanen

Artist and filmmaker Anu Pennanen (1975) adresses issues of political consciousness, ideology, and value. Her work has been exhibited extensively: CCA Glasgow, CAC Vilnius, Centre Pompidou Paris, Montehermoso Cultural Center, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Manifesta 5 Donostia San Sebastián, Momentum Nordic Art Biennial, Ars Baltica Triennale, Grand Café Saint-Nazaire, KUMU Estonian Art Museum, KunstenFestival des Arts Brussels and Kiasma Museum Helsinki, among others. Her projects have also been selected at at international film festivals, such as Rotterdam, Hamburg and Glasgow. 

She has won the Golden Cube award in Kassel Documentary Film Festival for her film installation “The ruin of the gaze” (2011). Many of her films have been broadcasted and co-produced by the Finnish TV channel YLE.

Her last film “A Poem to read when I’m gone is selected in the International Competition at KINO DER KUNST festival in Munich 2020.


Artor Jesus Inkerö

Experiencing the world and responding to it through self-reflection and recognition, Artor Jesus Inkerö points at the Western notions of masculinity that shape the overall culture as well as their persona in an attempt to interpret and find refinement in conflicting ideals for the body. Inkerö examines how language, gestures and, for example, a tone of voice can deny or allow access to specific groups. By inserting themselves into unfamiliar situations with masculine connotations, they get to interrogate their personal history and former appearance as their body has changed from non-passing to passing. In asking you to look closer at structures of power, Inkerö creates space for a fantasy of norm defiance.

Inkerö works in moving image, photography, sculpture, performance, text and installation. Latest exhibitions and screenings: Screens Series: Artor Jesus Inkerö, New Museum, New York City; Kiasma Museum Of Contemporary Art and Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki; SALTS, Basel Switzerland; Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; EMMA Espoo Museum Of Modern Art.

Varia & Lambo

Finnish based duo VARIA SJÖSTRÖM and HATZ LAMBO are working at the intersection of Art and Violence. Their research and multidisciplinary-oriented practice grounded in the fields of theatre, sculpture, performance, public space and time-based arts, has as its main focal point the creation of utopian social fantasy rather than a dystopian one: they propose a future where violence in general is extinct. The artists move on the borderlands between comedy and trauma: Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton and Monty Python influence us as much as Roxane Gay, Frantz Fanon or Silvia Federici. As a duo they are generally asking: how could a violent free world look like? Is a violent free society even possible? When does violence begin and what do we perceive as such And how can art contribute to a safer, more social environment?  We are intrigued by the history of violence repeating: why haven’t we invented anything against rape? Why are we still fighting wars? Why are we repeating history? Why do we traumatize others and stay traumatized? We feel it’s time for a spontaneous leap of consciousness. 

Duo varialambo was invited to the Festival Today is our Tomorrow, Helsinki, 2019. They currently are leading Look Back and Laugh, a long durational research project at Lab M{if} Helsinki. They will launch in June 2020 The Chainsaw Man or How do I get to you again?, an immersive musical performance and fictional story made for an innovative online livestream format (supported by the Kone domestic grant). Upcoming solo show: The Itching Triangle, solo exhibition in Mymälä2 (Finland) in 2021. They are artists in residence at Narva Art Residency in 2022, Estonia.