27-30.11.2019  Artor Jesus Inkerö’s video SWOLE at Beursschouwburg Brussels, 27-30 Nov.

09.11.2019 AND ORDINARY SORROW by Stéphane Querrec (ed. New Laconic) present at Fisher Pavilion / Seattle Center USA, Sat, November 9. Soon at the Seattle Art Book Fair, May 8-10, 2020.

14.10.2019 Palo Productions awarded the AVEK Mediarata grant to support Pennanen & Querrec’s work, and Artor Jesus Inkerö’s

24.09.2019 STAANDE! DEBOUT: Publication of book A Companion to Feminist Art by Wiley-Blackwell, which features Angela Dimitrakaki’s essay « Masculinity, Art, and Value Extraction: An Intersectional Reading in the Advance of Capital as Post-democracy! ».

31.08.2019 KATI INTO THE WHITE. Pennanen-Querrec working on an open air performance project with performer-choreographer Maija Hirvanen. In context of « The Central Finland Exhibition: Notions of place » curated by Rickard Borgström, August-November 2020.

31.07.2019 A POEM TO READ WHEN I’ GONE in Postproduction. A film with actors Korkmaz Arslan (lead),  Yazmeen Baker. Cinematography: Katharine Diessner, Isabel Alvarez. Sound: Pelle Venetjoki. Based on a text by Stéphane Querrec. Directed by Anu Pennanen.

05.01.2019 A POEM TO READ WHEN I’ GONE in production. A film with actor Korkmaz Arslan. With support of AVEK, Kordellin Foundation. Directed by Anu Pennanen.

15.10.2018 A POEM TO READ WHEN I’ GONE in Preproduction. Based on a text for a film written by Stéphane Querrec. with actor Korkmaz Arslan. With support of AVEK, Kordellin Foundation. Directed by Anu Pennanen.

 STAANDE! DEBOUT Essay ”Closing Time: Deindustrialization and Nostalgia in Contemporary France” by Jackie Clarke, History Workshop Journal Issue 79, Oxford Journals

  STAANDE! DEBOUT Screening at Kiasma Theater Helsinki, in the context of ”Demonstrating Minds”

17.03.2016  STAANDE! DEBOUT! Pennanen & Querrec on live radio broadcast ”Puheen Iltapäivä” as guests speakers on YLE Radio 17.3 at 14.30-15.30

  Project STEPPENLÄUFER Screening of the work ”in progress” at Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst Berlin, Germany

  Project STEPPENLÄUFER Development funding SES Finnish Film Foundation

 STAANDE! DEBOUT ! In the context of filmmaker René Allio’s retrospective, the film will be projected at Cinema Le Café des Images, in partnership with IMEC Caen. Marguerite Vappereau (PhD) will present the film.

24.11.2013STAANDE! DEBOUT ! is part of Lens Politica Film Festival Helsinki in the official selection. Directors Pennanen & Querrec will be present at the screening to meet its audience.

01.11– 31.12.2013 
 Pennanen & Querrec in a residency at Kone Foundation-Saaren Kartano to develop a script and location scout on the Salpa line.

19-21.1.2013 Pennanen & Querrec in presentation at the Globe How Symposium Helsinki.

The Belgian premiere of the film will take place in the Cinema des GALERIES in Brussels. Ex-Renault workers who inspired the film will be present, as well as the directors.

 STAANDE! DEBOUT ! Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry ICI welcomes the film with a director’s talk.

 STAANDE! DEBOUT ! A special series of screenings at O cine Multiplex, Maubeuge. Free entrance. Partnership with the City of Maubeuge and C.L.E.A. Stéphane Querrec will be present to introduce the film.

Pennanen & Querrec film will make its world premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival –official selection. Presented in collaboration with The GSA’s Friday Event programme, the screening will be followed by a talk.

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